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Restorative Dentistry

You don't have to live with damage, discoloration or gaps when it comes to your teeth. There is a procedure that is right for you and your unique situation. From teeth whitening, to dental bonding, to implants, we can help or point you in the right direction.

Fillings repair tooth damage caused by tooth decay. Dr. Hoffman removes the decay from the tooth and cleans the area before adding the filling material. The fillings used at our office are made from composite material. Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth at are aesthetically pleasing because they are tooth colored.

Dental Bonding
Dental bond is used to repair tooth decay damage, fill gaps between teeth and improve tooth appearance. First, an etchant is used to roughen the surface of the tooth and a primer is applied to prepare for the bond. Then, a ceramic resin is applied to the tooth and set with a strong light.

Dental Crowns
Dental crowns restore the appearance of teeth damaged by fracture or decay. First, Dr. Hoffman will remove the damaged portion of the tooth, and shape it to fit a crown. Then, a mold is taken of the tooth and used to manufacture a porcelain crown. Ultimately, the crown is placed to cover the tooth and bonded into place. Crowns improve not only the tooth's look and shape, but also strengthen tooth structure and help avoid further decay in the future.

Dental Bridge
Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. The bridge is a series of artificial teeth anchored in place on both ends by crowns on neighboring teeth. Benefits of a dental bridge include restoring proper bite and preventing teeth from shifting to fill the gap. Bridges made from a ceramic material will be matched to the color of your existing teeth.

Dental Implant
Implants replace missing teeth. The implant is comprised of a titanium post that is inserted directly into the jawbone. After the bone and surrounding tissue have healed, an artificial tooth is attached to the implant. The benefits of implants include that they do not depend on other teeth for structural support and they are very durable. Implants are highly appealing cosmetically.

Root Canal
When the tooth pulp or nerve becomes infected, a root canal is necessary. A root canal cleans the infected pulp, disinfects the canals within the tooth and fills them. After the root canal procedure, a crown is placed over the tooth to restore the original tooth structure and strength.


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