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Benefits of Dental Implants Hillsboro OR

Older Black couple speaking to dentist about the benefits of dental implants at Hoffman Dental in Hillsboro, ORIf you have undergone tooth extraction or have lost teeth due to infection or trauma, dental implants can replace your missing teeth in a convenient and efficient way. At Hoffman Dental, we recommend the use of dental implants as tooth loss can have many negative implications for your overall oral health. Dental implants can help you prevent these as well as give you a range of benefits.

Most Natural-Looking Replacement Teeth

Perhaps the best part of having dental implants is that their look, feel, and function are virtually identical to natural teeth. This is very advantageous since other restorative options like dental bridges and dentures may not be as comfortable or effective when it comes to chewing. Moreover, realistic-looking teeth can also allow you to smile confidently.
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Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the part of the alveolar ridge, the bony ridge that houses your teeth, gets dissolved into the body. This is because it no longer receives the chewing stimulation from your jaw that allows it to develop. When the alveolar ridge deteriorates, your jaw becomes weak. Dental implants are the only teeth replacement option that can prevent the loss of jawbone.

Ensure Effective Chewing

Since your dental implants are fused to your jawbone, they offer a more stable foundation for artificial teeth. Because of this, they can withstand a good amount of biting force, allowing you to eat all of your favorite foods easily.

Preserve Facial Shape

When your teeth are lost, your face loses its support. As a result, your cheeks become sunken, your mouth puckers inward, and your entire face sags, making you look older. Dental implants serve as natural teeth and preserve your facial shape by providing it with the necessary physical support.

Prevent Teeth Misalignment

When you lose a tooth, a gap is left behind, and if it isn't quickly filled, it can cause your remaining teeth to shift out of place, giving you a crooked smile. Dental implants are a very effective way to cover this gap, preventing your real teeth from moving out of position.

Enable Proper Speech

If you have few or no teeth in your mouth or if you use dental restoration devices like dentures, it can cause a lisp when you speak. Since dental implants feel just like natural teeth and are not uncomfortable and bulky, they allow you to speak naturally and easily.

Offer More Convenience

Since dental implants are fixed to your jaw, they do not need to be taken out regularly to be cleaned or before going to bed, unlike dentures. They also do not require any special maintenance and need to be cleaned and flossed just like your regular teeth.

Last for a Long Time

Unlike dentures that need to be relined, rebased, or even entirely replaced every few years, dental implants are durable and meant to last for decades. If you take good care of your dental hygiene and do not miss your routine dental appointments, dental implants can last for over 25 years.

High Success Rate

One of the best things about dental implants is that anyone can be a good candidate as long as they generally have good oral health. Depending on where the implant is placed, the success rate is between 88% and 98%, which makes them an excellent restoration option.
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Although dental implants are very durable and have a very high rate of success, keep in mind that they can fail if you do not take good care of your oral health or if you have bad lifestyle habits like excessive smoking and drinking. To make sure your implants last for decades, Dr. Anthony Hoffman and Dr. Hoffman recommend that you always keep your dental appointments so we can ensure everything is well with your implants.

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Dentist Hillsboro OR • Benefits of Dental Implants
At Hoffman Dental, Dr. Anthony Hoffman and Dr. Hoffman recommend the use of dental implants as tooth loss can have many negative implications for your overall oral health.
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