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Are My Teeth Likely To Tell My Age?

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Evan
Are My Teeth Likely To Tell My Age?Just like your eyes, it is possible for your teeth to reveal more about you. For instance, do you know that whiter teeth make you look younger? Believe it or not, if you have whiter teeth, you could be looking about 5 years younger than you are. The sad thing is that as people age, their teeth appear darker, which to some extent, tends to give away our age. But there is the good news – taking good care of the teeth and gums and having your teeth whitened by a dentist can make you have a more youthful smile.

What teeth Say About You

During the time you first meet people, those individuals form a subconscious opinion regarding you within just a second. When you smile and display your teeth, a part of the subconscious opinion they make involves the look and condition of your teeth.

Short Teeth containing Square Edges

As people advance in age, they tend to have teeth that appear shorter with square edges. Often, the reason is the wear and tear that has taken place overtime on the teeth. Minor teeth grinding is also a culprit. Certain physical as well as mental health issues such as acid reflux and bulimia may also contribute to the wear and tear of teeth. Younger individuals have longer teeth with round edges. Luckily, veneers and crowns can be installed to help improve the look of those short-looking teeth or small teeth. This way, you are able to enhance your smile and look much young.

Dark, Stained Teeth

Staining and darkening of teeth can make you look older than you usually are. It can give away your age. As people age, their teeth become darker because of the beverages and foods they have consumed over time. Teeth staining may occur from tea, coffee, and berries. You should drink a glass of water when you eat or drink foods that contain the stain-causing substances. Also, rinse your mouth using water to get rid of the food particles and the staining substances. A straw can also help prevent direct contact of the stain-causing drinks with the front teeth. To find out more regarding age, the look of teeth, and the health of teeth, visit our office. Contact us today.

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