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Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Evan
Are Dental X-rays Safe?Dentists and doctors utilize X-rays to identify a wide range of oral health and medical conditions. X-rays are essential for finding fractures of bone and hard tissues that require immediate treatment. Although dental and medical x-rays have many benefits, there is also the possibility of ionizing radiation causing harm to the body.

Types of Dental X-rays and Why They Are Used

A bitewing x-ray was probably taken by your dentist. To align your crowns, you will need to bite down on a special material, which is quite helpful in identifying cavities between teeth. Your dentist may perform a periapical examination to analyze the entire tooth. It generally focuses on a specific section of teeth such as the lower or upper areas. An occlusal x-ray can be used to determine tooth placement throughout an arch. Panoramic x-rays show the whole mouth in one image.

The purpose of a panoramic radiograph is to evaluate how the teeth are developing, to determine whether a tooth is impacted, and to determine if a malignancy is present. A tomogram blurs away all layers of teeth except the one required by the dentist to pinpoint a specific problem. In cephalometric projections, orthodontists typically observe the side of the head and how the teeth align with respect to the jaw and profile. A dentist may employ contrast dye sialography to identify abnormalities with the salivary glands. CT scans aren't often used in dental clinics, although they can be used to examine bone location and facial bone anomalies like fractures. If you require more significant oral surgery, a CT scan may be required.

Protect Your Body From X-Ray Exposure Risks

Worried patients should not be concerned. Normally, humans are not exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. As technology advances, prevention is always better than cure. Many malignancies caused by ionizing radiation have no potential treatment. Make sure that when you have an x-ray, your dentist or radiologist uses a lead apron and thyroid collar to protect your delicate organs. Ask your dentist if you can avoid taking an x-ray during your regular appointment if there are no signs of gum disease, tooth decay, or others dental issues that may require the use of an x-ray. In most cases, a dentist uses an x-ray to verify their physical observations. Pregnant women should never undergo x-rays. Even a routine dental x-ray should be delayed if you believe you are pregnant.
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