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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Missing Teeth

Posted on 10/22/2021 by Evan
Why You Shouldn't Ignore Missing TeethMissing a tooth as an adult isn't fun since you don't expect that another one will erupt. It can be easy to accept losing a tooth as something inevitable, instead of looking for a solution like a tooth replacement. And if you are missing teeth in the rear region of the mouth, you might think that it's not a big concern since no one can see that you miss a tooth. However, there are many things that happen to your mouth when you miss a tooth. The best thing is to do something – in this case, a tooth replacement is a smart choice. Ignoring a missing tooth can lead to problems such as:

Gum Disease

When you extract a tooth or lose one from trauma or even gum disease, it leaves a wound within the gum. Since the mouth provides conditions for bacteria, you may have an infection. Gum infections are painful and inconvenient. Additionally, gum infections can result in gum disease. With gum disease, the gums start receding, often leading to tooth loss if no treatment is offered. Besides, gum disease is associated with grave health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Teeth can Shift out of Alignment

Your teeth naturally remain very close together but when there is space left by a lost or extracted tooth, it can allow the other teeth to move from their original positions to occupy the gap. This process happens gradually, and over time, before you know it, you have a crooked bite. Misaligned teeth can be a cosmetic concern and they tend to cause jaw pain and headaches. It's also difficult to clean misaligned teeth, hence leading to more decay and further loss of teeth.

Loss of Bone in the Jaw

Your jawbone requires stimulation to keep its mass and shape. If you lack a tooth, the jawbone starts eroding because there is no stimulation. Over time, your facial shape may change. Also, your jaw may be unstable, making it less supportive to the remaining teeth. To get dental implants after losing teeth, visit our dental office for evaluation.

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