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How to Prevent Chipped Teeth

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Evan
How to Prevent Chipped TeethChipped teeth come with their implications. From reducing your self-esteem to painful and discomfort conditions during your usual chores, the detrimental impacts it has on your aesthetics are vast. Practices that result in chipping your teeth

Sugary Foods

Millions of bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugar content deposited by the foods you intake. The bacteria then produce acidic contents as by-products, leaving them lingering on your teeth. When left unattended, the acids go a long way in eating up your enamel, exposing the inner soft tissues prone to tooth decay and cavities. Consequently, the infections make your teeth more susceptible to chipping; avoiding sugars will enhance your dental health and overall body condition.

Using Your Teeth as Tools

It seems normal to open up your packages and bottle of sodas using your teeth. While many people do so in a rush to avoid the inconvenience of looking for bottle openers or pair of scissors, doing so damages your teeth massively. Your teeth are meant to chew and grind foodstuffs but not tools; hence, you will save yourself from cracked and chipped teeth.

Acidic Foods and Beverages Intake

Foods and beverages such as soda, wine, lemons and oranges contain high acidic content, which is responsible for tooth erosion. Exposing your tooth enamel to high acidic contents worsens the case as you may experience extreme tooth erosion, ultimately leading to chipped teeth. Brushing your teeth after intake of such foods and beverages makes it worse as tiny particles of your enamel are washed away, aiding the erosion process.

Our dentists acknowledge the valuable contents many of the items contain; hence do not advise on absolutely cutting them off but rather observing good dental care while using them. Wait for at least 20 minutes before brushing your teeth after you take acidic foods and beverages. Furthermore, consider using straws when drinking sodas to minimize the exposure of your teeth to the acidic content.

Therefore avoiding such behavior will prevent your teeth from chipping. For chipped teeth, visit our offices for quality intervention procedures.
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