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Foods You Cannot Eat With Braces

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Dr. Anthony Hoffman
Foods You Cannot Eat With BracesDental braces are perfect options for correcting teeth issues such as misalignment, crowding, and crooked teeth. You may need to wear these orthodontic appliances for 1-3 years. However, some circumstances may force you to wear them longer. This may involve how well you follow the dentist's instructions. For instance, eating crunchy, hard, or sticky foods can damage some parts of your braces. Instead, you may need to embrace simple tips to make the treatment smooth with minimum discomfort.

Focus On Soft Foods

It is normal to experience swelling after you get your dental braces. However, this should clear after a few days. Dental braces treatment requires adjustment every 8-10 weeks to keep the transformation on track. After each adjustment, you may also experience discomfort. A good way to mitigate the soreness is by focusing on a soft diet. Soft foods are effortless to chew.

Thus, they will not put pressure on your gums, teeth, and braces.

You may need to focus on items such as dairy, soft fruits, smoothies, and eggs. Hard and sticky foods, on the other hand, can loosen the bracket or break the wires. Hence, you may need to avoid things like ice, crunchy fruits and vegetables, and chewy candies.

Chew Carefully

Eating with braces does not only entail the type of foods you consume but you will also need to pay attention to your eating habits. For instance, chewing with the back teeth is a good idea because they are bigger and stronger than the front teeth. In addition, you may need to consider taking small bites to make the food more manageable with braces. This prevents discomfort and protects the braces while ensuring additional nutritional value.

Remember to brush after every meal because food debris will likely be stuck in the braces. This helps to prevent oral issues that can affect the effectiveness of dental braces. Are you ready to take the next step toward a straight smile? Visit our office to set an appointment with our dentists, and you will learn more tips on how to eat with braces.
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