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How To Take Care of Your Mouth After Receiving Dental Fillings

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Dr. Anthony Hoffman
How To Take Care of Your Mouth After Receiving Dental Fillings Your tooth's structure may wear down as a result of cavities, hence weakening and being at risk of fracturing. When this happens, a dental filling may serve to offer an ideal solution. A dentist preps the tooth receiving the filling by removing decay and the structurally unstable parts and other structures that have to be removed to allow filling.

Thereafter, the dentist places the filling material, which could be porcelain, resin plastic, amalgam, or gold. Once placed, fillings should be cared for properly. Here is how to ensure your fillings last longer.

At-Home Oral Hygiene

Once a filling is placed, you have to take steps to avert decay from developing under and around the filling or even in other teeth. Caring for filling is similar to what you would do to your natural teeth. Brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Again, floss once at a minimum to keep the teeth and filling clean and strong.

What to Eat

Eating a well-balanced diet can keep the teeth strong. Limiting the intake of sugary items prevents additional tooth damage and decay. If you have a composite filling, you may eat and chew normally, however, avoid or limit those hard-chewy foods such as candy and nuts, since they introduce more stress on the fillings.

Biting into hard things like fingernails, pens, and bottle caps is neither advisable. Additionally, liquids like tea, red wine, coffee, and soda need to be avoided because they tend to stain the fillings and natural teeth.

Regular Checkups

Having regular checks and cleanings is paramount. Visit our dentist every 6 months to let our team examine the fillings to establish if they are functional and healthy. In case the fillings are leaking or cracked, the dentist will recommend replacement. Talk to us regarding tooth fillings or call us to set up an appointment, especially if you have tooth sensitivity, see a crack on the filling, or part of the fillings seems to be missing.

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